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Learn From Charu Mazumdar! -Communist Workers Front, Canada



A Life Forged in Mao Zedong Thought

On May 15, 1919, Charu Mazumdar, General-Secretary of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) [CPI(ML)] was born in Siliguri under British occupation. In his short life, Comrade Mazumdar was a loyal soldier of the Indian detachment of the international proletariat and embodied all that is Marxist. This is most clearly seen in his constant struggle to rebel against reaction wherever it manifested, even when in the leadership of his own Party.

As the Great Leadership of the Indian Revolution, he applied Marxism-Leninism–Mao Zedong Thought (ML-MZT) to India, synthesizing the objective laws of the Indian revolution, which must be understood today as a Guiding Thought. In doing so, he led the reconstitution of the Communist Party of India (CPI) through armed struggle.

Mazumdar joined the CPI in the late 1930s. He became a leader of the peasantry during the Great Bengal Famine and the Tebhaga Movement, giving momentum to the Agrarian Revolution.

Mazumdar joined with the newly formed Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] in 1964. While the Party was ostensibly revolutionary, in essence it was a completely bankrupt social-fascist party that to this day wages war on the revolution. Comrade Charu Mazumdar would unite the genuine revolutionaries in the Party into a Red Fraction.

It was this Red Fraction that lit the prairie fire that is the Indian Revolution. In November 1967, they mobilized the peasantry into the Naxalbari Uprising, advancing the ongoing struggles beyond economic action into a programme to conquer State Power.

In the aftermath of the uprising, the Red Fraction built the All-India Coodination Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (AICCCR), of which Charu Mazumdar was its Great Leader, producing documents of international importance in the revolutionary journal, Liberation. In 1969, the AICCCR completed its central task of reconstituting the CPI as the CPI(ML), which he would lead until his death in police custody in 1972.

The Contributions of Charu Mazumdar
What follows is a brief analysis of a few of Charu Mazumdarʹs many contributions to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism–Gonzalo Thought (MLM–GT) that are of particular importance to the multinational proletariat of Canada.

1) Charu Mazumdarʹs main contribution was his creative application of ML-MZT to India which laid the foundation for the General Political Line of the Indian Revolution, with his most systematized contributions to this being the development of the Military Line of the CPI(ML), that is, the road of encircling the cities from the countryside through Peopleʹs War.1

2) Mazumdar developed the plan of the United Front in India and its relation to the various national liberation struggles waging within the country. Countering opportunist currents that believed the CPI(ML) should lead these national liberation struggles, he argued that the focus of Communists must solely be in leading the class struggle. Instead, by assuring the right to national self-determination, these national liberation struggles will be brought under and eventually transformed into class struggle with the seizure of State Power.2

3) Mazumdar was a tireless defender of the Great Helmsman of the World Proletarian Revolution, Chairman Mao Zedong, and the Guiding Thought of the World Proletarian Revolution, then ML-MZT. Mazumdar even went so far as to push for adherence to ML-MZT as a third and higher stage of Marxism. This was a revolutionary position at the time against claims that ML-MZT was dogmatic or a deviation from Marxism, that it was only applicable to China, or that the Chairmanʹs contributions of universal validity were only that and amounted to nothing more.3 He was a ruthless critic of all revisionism and centrism in the Communist movement of the time, leading the charge in India to not only combat it externally through class struggle, but above all internally through the two-line struggle.

4) He led the construction of the Three Instruments of the Indian Revolution. His Red Fraction reconstituted the CPI as the CPI(ML) after the CPI(M) proved itself reactionary. Mazumdar firmly placed the Military Line at the Centre of the Partyʹs General Political Political Line, even holding that a Party cannot be seen as legitimate unless it is leading armed struggle.4 Mazumdar discusses the need to build the Peopleʹs Army around the Party through armed Party detachments to develop into guerilla units, as the nucleus of the Peopleʹs Army, a contribution toward what would later be synthesized as the Militarized Communist Party by Chairman Gonzalo within Gonzalo Thought.5 Mazumdar stressed that the United Front can only exist in the context of armed struggle. Only in this way can the unity of revolutionary classes be forged and only those Parties engaged in armed struggle can truly discuss constructing the United Front.6

5) Basing himself on ML-MZT, Charu Mazumdar was the first to formulate the universality of the Electoral Boycott, today an integral part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism–Gonzalo Thought. He outlined that in the era when the World Proletarian Revolution was advancing toward victory, elections can only serve as a tool of counter-revolution and the anti-imperialist struggle can only take the form of armed struggle everywhere in the world.7

6) Building from the work of Karl Marx, the Great Lenin, and Chairman Mao, Mazumdar stressed the importance of the Armed Sea of Masses, the militarized masses under the leadership of the Party, as the guarantor of the revolution not only in the India8 but internationally.9 Mazumdar framed this in the context of the Annihilation Campaign which, although he self-criticized for it in part, remains a mostly positive contribution.

What follows is a brief synthesis of how the Communists-in-formation must learn from Charu Mazumdar and the Communists in India to make revolution in Canada.

1) Just as Charu Mazumdar creatively applied ML-MZT, the Guiding Thought of the World Proletarian Revolution at the time, to India, we must serve the struggle to uphold, defend, and above all apply the current World Guiding Thought, MLM-GT, to Canada in order to generate the Guiding Thought of the Canadian Revolution. Only in this way can we ensure the course of the Peopleʹs War in Canada until Communism.

2) Like India, Canada has many nations locked within its borders. The oppressed Indigenous Nations in Canada have been a constant source of rebellion against the Old Canadian State especially in recent years. The Communists-in-formation must learn from Charu Mazumdar by transforming these national struggles into class struggles as a part of the United Front. This is based in the understanding that the root of this national oppression is in private property and class society. In leading the class struggle and guaranteeing the right to national self-determination, we will be able to transform these national struggles into class struggles, all united in a Peopleʹs War lead by the Vanguard of the multinational proletariat of Canada.

3) Charu Mazumdarʹs understanding of Marxism as something developing rather than static must be taken up. Just as Mazumdar struggled against those trying to diminish the importance of ML-MZT, we must carry out class struggle against those diehard dogmatists who shut their eyes to any universality in Gonzalo Thought, and conduct two-line struggle with those who diminish it to certain universal contributions, all in order for Gonzalo Thought to be accepted and imposed as the Guiding Thought of the World Proletarian Revolution. In Canada, this will take the form of not only combatting the ʹRevolutionary Communist Partyʹ–Charles Gagnon Cell (RCP-CCG) axis of revisionism, but principally through internal struggle to purge those rightist ideas, attitudes, criteria, and approaches to certain questions in order to avoid the generation of a Right-Opportunist Line (ROL) within our own ranks, and if an ROL does become structured among us, then we must uproot it with two-line struggle, concentrating our blows at the head of the ROL.

4) The principal task before the proletariat of Canada is the reconstitution of the Communist Party as a Militarized Communist Party. Here we must learn from Charu Mazumdar in the construction of the Three Instruments. Just as the CPI(M) was revolutionary in form and reformist in essence, there are many groups in Canada that fit this category, namely the RCP-CCG axis, that must be broken from and broken into a million pieces. We must learn from Charu Mazumdar the importance of armed struggle in building the Party, the Army, and the United Front. The new society grows from the barrel of a gun, beginning with the Three Instruments.

5) The elections of the Old States all over the world are nothing but a tool of counter-revolution. We must combat and resist this counter-revolution with the Electoral Boycott. This must be done progressively depending on our strength, from simply agitating the masses to question elections, to mobilizing them to prevent the elections from being carried out at all. The Electoral Boycott is a key question of strategy everywhere and must involve actively beating back the reactionary offensive represented by the elections (different from abstentionism), thus fulfilling the essence of the Great Leninʹs criteria for Communist intervention against the elections of reaction.

6) Charu Mazumdarʹs writings on the Annihilation Campaign are crucial to study for everyone in Canada. Only by mobilizing the entire people with rifle in hand can we ensure the victory of the revolution against counter-revolutionaries both inside and outside the Party.

Learn from Charu Mazumdar!

Support the Peopleʹs War in India!

Reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada!

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