Court movie:A Case of an Indian Court !

Court movie:A Case of an Indian Court !

Just one look through the dailies or a couple of hours in front of your idiot box with our 24x7news channels and you will be cleared of your doubts! What doubts? Actually what are the problems concerning our state, country and world! Anyone who follows news media will easily say that our serious problems are elections, cricket, cinema and of course terrorism.But court is one such movie where you will see that not so popular problem. What we got to see in this, opted for Oscars Indian movie, is, it tackles the most neglected reality of our democratic nation. And it is the seriously ill working of our judiciary. What happens in a court? This almost nobody of us can answer. Because none wants to be there! A very few who are lawyers, judges etc. are sure to be in a court, they donʹt or they donʹt want to tell you the reality. Coming to
the accused and criminals, even they will not give you a picture of inside of a court room. Reason is obvious. They are the ones whom you donʹt trust or even donʹt like to talk. So court is at last one such cinema on Indian screen that shows you a real court!Court goes on in a court that is not your regular commercial movie court. There will be no decibels of anger, hunger and message! It just runs like a real mechanical, dry court
room that is devoid of emotions, melodrama and above all soberly silent. Court movie showcases the real sessionʹs court that goes on as if it has nothing to do with outer real world! Now after all this talk about court movieʹs reality look, letʹs talk about the case. The case in this celluloid court is definitely interesting. Also very weird and bizarre.
Here is the case… a singer cum activist Narayan kamble sings a song. That is what police say in their charge sheet. The song which suggest that a suicide is better than to clean a gutter in Mumbai is sung by kamble. Hearing to that a man named pawar who is a municipal worker commits suicide by drowning himself into a gutter. Therefore kamble was arrested! When we here this kind of case it certainly sounds absurd. But what director chaitanya conveyed through this uncommon litigation
is praise worthy. He effectively screens the way of working of an indian court. How the singer who has not really sang a song of instigation for a suicide is drawn into the legal process and how he is targeted for
other hidden reasons through the court proceedings is effectively shown. Actually this happens every day at all the courts with many innocent people. The director of the movie not just tries to target police or judiciary or anyone or anything like that. He just shows you the real process of a trail in a court. Sometimes you wonder because of its utter natural character. But for court movie reality is the real thing. By the end you will realize how our system plays with the lives of so many people.
The singer kamble is the protagonist and he immediately brings you the remembrance of many popular leftist folk singers in the country. Also other artists in the movie remind you of the real life lawyers , judges
and relatives of accused poor people.Everyone acts just very normal. Actually this lack of artificiality is the highlight of court. For example we see the prosecutor nutan rushing to court and attending hearings without
any real interest. She as like any other married indian lady cooks and feeds the family. The case comes only after that! Director exposes the judge sadavarte very quietly and naturally. He is shown believing in
numerology and alternate medicine. Also the judge suggests the same to one of his friends.By putting forward this kind of stuff director
chaitanya makes it clear as to how the judgeʹs personality affects the judgment. In fact it is very much possible in a country that still has British made and draconian laws that can be misused anytime. Especially, against the poor and the anti – state.Overall court is a movie not for the movie buffs. The numerous awards and the high reception that it got simply explains why! But if you are a lover of serious and fact full cinema… just donʹt miss this movie which is on its way to Oscars. Hope it brings one academy award for the nation…
- Jaisimha

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